In the midst of Winter Storm Avree, which swept through Green Bay and De Pere, Wisconsin, leaving behind a thick blanket of snow, one community-minded organization stepped up to make a difference. NEW NARI Member, Plug Light Bulb, showcased their commitment to the community by selflessly donating their crew to assist residents during the aftermath of the storm.

The Winter Storm Challenge: Winter Storm Avree presented a significant challenge for residents of Green Bay and De Pere. Heavy snowfall covered sidewalks, walkways, and driveways, creating hazardous conditions for those attempting to navigate the snow-covered terrain. In times like these, community support becomes crucial, and Plug Light Bulb emerged as a beacon of hope for the residents in need.

Emily Burger, Chief Operating Officer of Plug Light Bulb, shared her perspective on the initiative: “It was after the snow got really heavy, and a large group of our guys went into action! They ended up traveling around De Pere and Green Bay to unbury people’s sidewalks, walkways, and driveways so they didn’t slip or get stuck. They were all tired but super happy by the end of it!”