Power Up Your Leadership Skills

Hosted by NEW NARI Member Plug Light Bulb Electrical Services

Today’s leaders need to reimagine everything they’ve learned about leadership—the rules have changed!

Joe will challenge and enlighten you to reimagine what you’ve learned about leadership through his energized and thought-provoking presentation. Having a passion for great leadership, Joe spent over a decade studying successful businesses, their leaders, published psychologists and the science of the brain. What he discovered was surprising: great leaders are similar to great parents. They are strict, but fair; treat each person as a unique individual; and they celebrate small victories often.

Power Up is a high-energy, engaging leadership event that will rejuvenate you as a leader– no matter what your role.

“Focusing on dignity has really helped our team become more conscious about each other’s actions. It has raised curiosity and prompted dialog as to where each of us are coming from. There’s something special about people being appreciated for who they are.” -Leadership workshop attendee

$25/per person

Includes food, beverages and speaker.


Tours & Networking

Take a tour of NARI member Plug Light Bulb Electrical Services’ facility. Then enjoy a beverage and meet other NARI members from North East Wisconsin.


Food & Beverages

The networking continues with a catered dinner and beverages in the Gathering Space at Plug Light Bulb Electrical Services.




Link to Joe’s Bio.

Checks can be mailed to NEW NARI, 2701 Larsen Rd. Suite BA229, Green Bay, WI 54303 OR call 920.832.9003 to pay by card.

Reservations are needed by Tuesday, Jan. 23 in order to give Plug Light Bulb an accurate count for catering.