The National Association of the Remodeling Industry is taking an innovative approach to fill its vacant Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position. Two familiar faces from within NARI will lead the association as Co-CEOs effective immediately. Previous Interim CEO Elsie Iturralde, CAE, and previous Senior Director of Member Engagement and Governance Tracy Wright, CAE, will lead the NARI staff in tandem.
Iturralde and Wright each have more than 22 years of experience with NARI and previously worked together at another association. They have maintained ASAE’s Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential since 2009. This designation demonstrates a commitment to the association profession and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge in the association space.
“The NARI Executive Officers and Board of Directors agreed that based on both Elsie and Tracy’s breadth of experience and history of working together, the Co-CEO role was a perfect fit to move NARI forward,” says NARI President Andy Apter, CKBR, UDCP, who adds their complementary skill sets are an added benefit. “Elsie has twice served as Interim CEO, and Tracy has served in various leadership positions at NARI over the years. Together, this leadership team will help guide NARI to meet our strategic goals.
The Co-CEO role has been used by a number of corporations and is gaining popularity for its benefits. A recent Harvard Business Review article titled “Is It Time to Consider Co-CEOs?” states, “Under the right circumstances, it’s remarkable how much co-CEOs can do. They can bring deep and diverse competencies, backgrounds, and perspectives to the job. They can be in two places at once—literally. Together, they can master the increasingly complex corporate functions that CEOs today are expected to manage.”
“I am honored and thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with Tracy as we chart the course to lead the Voice of the Remodeling Industry™, NARI, toward a future full of endless possibilities,” says Iturralde.
“I am honored for the opportunity to serve NARI in the Co-CEO role with Elsie. We look forward to leading NARI alongside our Board of Directors in the continued pursuit of providing value to our members and chapters and strengthening the professionalism of the remodeling industry,” says Wright.
As NARI continues its systems and process upgrades to benefit chapters and members, experienced leadership with an understanding of its membership is crucial. NARI is excited to have tenured leadership to provide stability moving forward.

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