Free Webinar: Organizing for Success: 5 Steps to Implement Standard Operating Procedures

This session will take business owners through a systematic 5-step process to implement “standard operating procedures” within their company. This is a required step for any owner who wants to lessen company dependence on them as an owner, and to begin to effectively delegate day-to-day responsibility. With effective delegation, the owner can begin to take on more of a “strategic” role within his/her company, working on the business as well as working in the business. This is a key to becoming a true business owner.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover new ways to systematize company operations
  • Identify organizational needs and how to respond to them
  • Create a framework for identifying specific tasks for every position in your company
  • Discover how to create “standard operating procedures” needed to manage more effectively


About the Presenter – David Lupberger

David Lupberger draws on more than two decades of experience in the residential remodeling field to work with remodelers in developing proven business systems. He consults with both Remodelers and industry manufacturers to maximize customer service relationships between all the industry partners.