LAXBX – WI Sales & Use Tax for Contractors

Prevent WI sales & use tax audit risks as a contractor! Understand what’s real vs personal property and navigate charging tax vs paying tax.

WI Sales & Use Tax for Contractors

Join us for an informative session on WI Sales & Use Tax for Contractors! Either in-person or virtual, this event will take place on Wed Feb 21, 2024 at La Crosse Builders Exchange. Our expert speaker, Holly Hoffman, will provide valuable insights and practical tips to help you navigate the complexities of sales and use tax regulations. Whether you’re a seasoned business or just starting out, this event is a must-attend! Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and “hear it from the auditor”. See you there!

  • This event will be recorded & available to all attendees.
  • Registration discount available for LAXBX members: $10 off use codes “invoiceme” or “LAXBX”
  • Registration discount available for LABA members: $5 off use code “LABA”
  • Note: Blue on map is “in-person”, Yellow on map is “virtual”